One of the best things about #greeningleighton has been getting to know our neighbours and developing a much stronger sense of community and place. Because we know each other better, we are starting to do things together, sharing ideas and things. We have WhatsApp and email groups, which we use to share information and thoughts about what’s happening and plan together.

Back in October, we were also able to share the fruits of one resident’s bountiful quince tree. Quince are funny fruit, knobbly, hard and bitter when raw, but when cooked have a unique subtle flavour.   Clemmie and her housemates have one of the largest quince trees I have ever seen in their garden and were kind enough to share their rich harvest.

Our neighbours include a professional cook, as well as French mum steeped in Spanish cuisine, and so one slightly dreary afternoon we gathered together and, after much stirring and many cups of tea, we managed to transform 15kg of quince fruit into jelly and membrillo. They were absolutely delicious!

Together, we distributed the fruits (forgive the pun!) of our labours with our neighbours, with people receiving a jar of jelly or a little package of membrillo.

This would have been unthinkable a year ago! Today, we can enjoy each other’s company and put locally grown fruit to good use and reduce food waste…Bring on the next harvest!