Extract from Jane Riddiford’s blog

Across the room I heard another women, Jo Macrae, say; “I like the idea of putting gardens in Skips, like they have done in the King’s Cross Skip Garden. “Well it just so happens there are a few going spare,” I piped up, and that was that. The practicalities seemed to happen at lightning speed, made all the more possible by the fact that Georgia Gould, the head of the council was attending the meeting. By the time we all headed home Georgia had given her assurance that she would cover the transportation costs and arrange for a parking bay to be given the necessary permit for five years. Unlike Hackney, in Camden this would mean having a Skip Permit. Thanks to Jo’s powers of persuasion, two of the Skip Gardens have just been installed in Leighton Rd. If you are on the 390 bus keep your eye out on the left and the right just before you reach the Brecknock Road stop.

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